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AIKINA: ABOUT US connects you to everything you need to launch and maintain a successful Internet awareness campaign, including domain name services, web hosting, design and development, email marketing, search and social media.

Here you'll discover our philosophy and commitment, and learn more about our services and partners.

Picture that moment when you're in The Zone, when everything just "clicks" and it seems that your focus and the rest of the universe are in perfect harmony. That's Aikina.

Your focus should be on running your business or organization. Our focus is to provide you with the tools and services you need to raise awareness online, generate new leads, engage your customers or supporters, and provide them with a remarkable sales and support experience.

Our commitment is to make sure these services work seamlessly, effortlessly and intuitively. That's the itch that we had to scratch. The domain name controls at Network Solutions, GoDaddy and every other registrar drove us crazy with their clunky, counter-productive and restrictive interfaces -- so we pioneered a new direction. We wanted tools that worked simply and elegantly, and it seems other people want that, too.

Aikina's core platform has now grown to include all the basic services that you need to get online. Then we took the next step. We found partner agencies, designers and developers who think like we do. We sought out email specialists, CRM platforms and other service providers that are as committed as we are to be the absolute best in their space.

This gives Aikina the unique ability to guide you along the path to Internet awareness, and make it seem easy.

When you watch the Olympics or professional sports, the athletes make their performance look effortless. The reason they can do this is that they have spent years training and practicing and polishing their skills. They have no concept of "good enough." There's always something that can be improved.

That's Kaizen, the committed mindset of continuous improvement.

The reason that Aikina's tools and services seem to work so effortlessly is that we work to improve them endlessly. Our team has spent years perfecting our skills in Internet marketing, Web design and development, and learning the tools of the trade. We will never settle for being "as good as" anyone else. We are committed to being the best at what we do, and we only work with partners -- and clients -- who feel the same.

We'd like to introduce you to our core services and premium partner platforms. These are services and platforms that we know and love. Individually, they represent a single facet of your overall Internet awareness campaign. In the right combination that fits your unique needs, an integrated suite of services can give your business or organization advantages that rocket you far ahead of the competition.

Remember, we work on these platforms every single day and know them inside and out. If you would rather focus on running your business than learning a new online marketing system, Aikina can handle everything for you -- and do it with the same attention to detail and passion that you would. If you prefer to be hands-on, we can provide consulting services or training for yourself or your staff. Whatever your needs, we're here to help.


Aikina on eNomAikina @ eNom - Aikina's domain registration system and control panel are built atop eNom's global domain platform. eNom is an ICANN-accredited registrar founded in 1997 and has been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business since 2002. The eNom domain platform brings you the technology, security and reliability of a company with over 11 million domain name registrations. The Aikina custom interface makes it easy.

Yeah, we also work with Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Melbourne IT and some of the others when we have to, but that's usually just to help people move their domains off those sad, sad systems.


Aikina Email CampaignsAikina Email Campaigns - Create and send beautiful emails with Aikina custom email designs and template systems. Easily manage subscriber signups, unsubscribes and bounces. Track your email related conversions and sales with powerful analytics that go beyond open and clicks. All with NO monthly charges. Pay only when you send campaigns.

MailChimpMailChimp - When we're not using Aikina's Email Campaign tool, MailChimp is hands-down our favorite alternate. With a slick interface, powerful analytics and integration with all of our other platforms, MailChimp will take your Email initiatives to a whole new level. MailChimp plays nice with Social Media, too, and can even auto-post to Twitter and track retweets.

Aikina Email CampaignsRatePoint - Reputation is everything, especially online. With RatePoint's suite of Reputation Management tools, you can collect customer feedback, reviews and testimonials through links, emails, Twitter, Facebook and more. The RatePoint tools are easy to add to any website, giving you a platform to both increase sales and resolve disputes before a private problem becomes a social smear.

Aikina also works with other popular Email Marketing specialists including Constant Contact, MailerMailer, Bronto and Emma.


BigCommerceBigCommerce - BigCommerce is the #1 Rated eCommerce Platform by Top10Reviews -- the Internet's most popular software review site -- for good reason: there's almost NO LEARNING CURVE. Even though it's overflowing with powerful features, the admin interface is intuitive and easy to use. You have to see the feature set to believe it!

VolusionVolusion - Volusion's ease of use, flexibility, power, and price make it great for small and medium businesses. The massive feature set (including integration with popular Social Networks) has also made it the choice of major clients like Motorola and Disney. With Volusion, eCommerce has never been easier or more effective.

MagentoMagento - Magento is the eCommerce software platform for growth that is revolutionizing the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility has taken the online retail world by storm and changed the way designers and developers think about complex commerce sites. Magento is ideal for high-volume or highly customized online stores.

Don't Forget Security! Aikina also provides SSL (secure socket layer) trusted certificates from VeriSign and GeoTrust. Build trust and secure your online store with a recognized SSL seal.

Aikina has also worked with (but unfortunately can no longer recommend) eCommerce platforms like ShopSite, Zencart and osCommerce. If your business is on one of these outdated systems, contact us. We can painlessly migrate you to a modern eCommerce platform.


JoomlaJoomla CMS - Joomla is one of most powerful and most elegant content management systems in existence. Its high-performance engine allows it to scale to any size website, and thousands of extensions make customization nearly endless. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available at zero cost.

WordpressWordpress CMS - Wordpress is the world's most popular blogging platform for good reason: it's super easy to use and very flexible. It has now grown into a full content management system with thousands of quality themes and extensions ready for use. For business applications, Aikina often recommends the powerful Thesis framework.

DrupalDrupal CMS - Drupal is another wildly popular, high-performance open-source content management system. It is often used as a back-end system for many different types of websites, ranging from small blogs to large, high-traffic commercial and government sites, including and


Highrise CRMHighrise CRM - Service is the name of the game whatever your business goals are, and the Highrise Contact Manager and Simple CRM by 37 Signals makes customer relationships easy and intuitive to manage. Highrise is the choice for people who need a simple, elegant and powerful CRM solution.

SalesforceSalesforce - In the world of online Customer Relationship Management, is king. With over two million subscribers, products such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud provide your sales and service staff with all the tools they need to manage your customer relations. is complex, but jammed with every feature you can imagine.

Tactile CRMTactile CRM - Tactile is the brilliant newcomer CRM that's attracting attention and winning clients with big features and small cost. Ideally suited for managing leads and filling a sales pipeline, plans with unlimited contacts and unlimited opportunities are available for every budget.


BasecampBasecamp - If your business has to manage complex projects and coordinate members of a team, then the online project management system Basecamp -- also by 37 Signals -- is going to make your life much, much easier. (Aikina uses Basecamp for management and collaboration on particularly complex projects, complete with client access!)


ZendeskZendesk - Zendesk is the Help Desk for the Web generation. Never miss a support request or sales lead with Zendesk's full-featured ticket system and social-driven knowledgebase platform. Want to see it in action? Open a ticket at (Aikina uses Zendesk ourselves!).


Google AppsGoogle Apps - Dump Microsoft Exchange and all those expensive servers and IT costs for good and migrate your business or organization to the cloud with Google Apps. Consisting of integrated Email, calendar, document sharing, website and messaging, Google Apps gives you an IT infrastructure with all of the most advanced technology, but none of the hardware and software investment.


Aikina on eNomAikina @ eNom - Aikina offers both Linux and Windows Web Hosting served out of eNom's world-class data center in Redmond, Washington. Linux plans work with databases like MySQL and pages coded using CGI, Perl, PHP and XML. Windows plans work with best with Microsoft Access or SQL databases or pages coded using VB/C#, ASP or

PAIR NetworksPAIR Networks - Aikina has been hosting websites with PAIR for over a decade on shared, virtual and dedicated servers. PAIR is consistently ranked in the Top 10 hosting providers for uptime and network stability. PAIR uses multiple GigE connections to five backbone providers to ensure connectivity, and uses only top of the line, custom-built Intel and AMD servers running the ultra-stable and secure FreeBSD UNIX operating system.

This list may seem exhaustive, but we're just scratching the surface. We haven't even begun to talk about Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Online Surveys, Social Media or Mobile Marketing. All of these are important facets of your Internet marketing campaign.

To discuss which services are right for your business or organization, contact us today. Together we can formulate the perfect plan for guiding you down the true path to Internet awareness.

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